Mistress Q

Mistress Q


The Vault would like to welcome our newest Domina, Mistress Q.  As a native of the Tri-State area She has a no nonsense demeanor and sophisticated style that enthralls even the most experienced players.  From a very young age She felt and understood Her own power and desire to control.  Mistress Q has been exploring BDSM in Her private life for over 10 years and has been playing on a professional level for about two years now.  She is an experienced rope-top, disciplinarian and a sadist who craves submission from slaves at any level and in all forms.  She is best known for Her bold, creative and intimate style of play that allows for each session to be custom and unique.

Mistress Q will command engagement of your mind as well as your body, creating experiences that are both captivating and cathartic.  You will find it easy to turn yourself over to Her and She will use you in the most delicious ways!

As an experienced disciplinarian and sadist, with personal fetishes ranging from sensory deprivation to medical play there are endless ways for you to serve Mistress Q.

Some of Her specialties include:



Foot/Boot Worship

Rope Bondage


Water Sports

Impact Play

Fetishes Considered


If you are curious about a type of BDSM play that is not mentioned you are welcome to politely inquire.

Mistress Q is available by appointment only.  She accepts evening sessions 7 days a week and is available during the day on wednesdays and Saturdays.  24 hour notice is requested for appointments.


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Calls accepted between 10am – 10pm only